Enslaved - Utgard - The Journey Within (Cinematic Tour 2020) 12" (Green & Grey Splatter)

Enslaved - Utgard - The Journey Within (Cinematic Tour 2020) 12" (Green & Grey Splatter)

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First pressing on Clear w/ Green and Grey Splatter LP, limited to 300 copies.


- Movies download card
- Original illustration by Tor Ola Svennevig on the inner-sleeve
- All songs lyrics

Enslaved is celebrating 30 years of unprecedented, genre-boundaries altering presence in the Extreme Metal and Prog scenes in 2021! To celebrate this milestone, By Norse Music and Nuclear Blast proudly announce the release of the Enslaved “Cinematic Tour 2020” on June 25th, 2021.

“Utgard – The Journey Within” was performed with power from Summer Breeze Open Air, at Nowhere in Sotra, Norway during a day of might in Summer 2020. "Utgard - The Journey Within" was Enslaved’s virtual release party for their latest album "Utgard" and marked a strangely upbeat end of a strange year for the band. Even though 2020 was a year connected with struggle and hardship for everyone, it was also a year Enslaved will forever associate with a strong sense of community around the band.


1. intro: Utgardr
2. Jettegryta
3. Homebound
4. Urjotun
5. Flight of Thought and Memory

Release date: 25.06.21
Label: By Norse Music
Media type: LP Sleeve, Clear w/ Splatter vinyl
Genre: Black Metal / Progressive Metal

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